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Yahweh and Allah. Are they moral and ethical Gods?


Some say we cannot say or know, because it is all myth.…


I think they are wrong as men can judge actions.


 I think we can at least know if Yahweh and Allah, and the religions they spawned, are good or evil.


Since God is a Man interpreting Godís words, believers all following a Man.


We invent our Gods and put them above us. But ultimately get all we know of God, and his morality from others around us. Priests and imams interpret and are the spokes in the religious communication network. Those priests and imams are teaching violence against their neighbor instead of love. I do not see that as ethical behavior for any moral religion.


From what you know of Yahweh and Allah, and the religions they have spawned, would you say that those two War loving Gods, as we also love it in their image, good Gods, or would you say they are something else?




Why have Muslim men lowered themselves to be babysitters for women?


As I understand it, many Muslim men have decided to become babysitters and chauffer to grown women by insisting that they be accompanied by a man when going out.


I also understand that Muslim men have taken on the womanly duty of teaching girls how to dress and a grandmotherís duty of teaching women how to dress and what is appropriate to wear.


In Canada, our customs are more of women accompanying women as they do their various chores and sorties and not having to bother men for such menial tasks as driving them about like a chauffeur, nor have Canadian men place ourselves in a grandmotherís position of determining what womenís fashions will be.


Our gays are into such things but not usually heterosexual men.


It seems to me that Muslim men are treating their women like immature children who cannot get around without them and who need to be told what to wear. This is quite a demeaning position for both Muslim women and especially Muslim men.


Where is a Muslim manís honor in his lowering himself to be a babysitter, companion/chauffeur and a womanís fashion coordinator? 




Men, the prime protectors of family and country, should not curse women with full equality.


Men have traditionally and historically, have always been the prime protector of hearth and home. Men are the backbone of all countries as countries are only as strong as their family units.


Men are driven by hunter instinct to rule in order that we might give up our lives for our families, if need be. We are driven to this by our basic survival instincts that demand that we place women and children above us.


Womenís instincts of gatherer, being the weaker of the sexes, drives women more to gather what is needed for life,  in more of a long term plan. This is what is truly required to build nations. Men recognize this and that is why we willingly die for women and family.


Men are killers and game players by instinct. Men love war and see it as their ultimate duty to fight then so as to protect house and home. These traits are not useful for the long term plans of survival that women are better at by instinct. This is why men should rule for womanís sake and not their own. The Queen should have the final say and not the King. Presently, men think they know what is require for women and family and think we are doing things right, --- but we are wrong, --- as can be seen by the chaos and unrest in the world.


If men grant full equality to women, we in effect lower them to our level as well as negate our own instinctive drive to protect them along with our children.


Men, if we are to remain men and true to our instincts, must never lower women to our level with equality. Women, if they are to remain true to their instincts, should never want to be lowered to a manís level. This has nothing to do with equal pay for equal work or equality before the law, --- which all humans are due regardless of gender.…


Society has come a long and glorious way with us following our instinctive roles as hunter/protectors and gatherer/sustainers.


Are we willing to gamble those gains away by lowering women to the status of men, --- by granting women full equality?


I believe that men have forgotten their primary duty to family, --- and we have lost our honor. Our attitude has basically forced women to toxic feminism as a knee jerk reaction of self-protection because of men forgetting that that protecting of house and home is their primary function.


You other men can do as you will, but I will never grant my wife and children full equality and drag them down to the level of men. My stance will always be that of the law of the sea, --- even on land. Women and children will always be above me and come first.




All costs of child rearing should be borne by men.


At one time, inheritance was strictly to the male heirs. Some women ended up owning some of the wealth of course but wealth was basically in the hands of men.


Men decided just how much wealth was to go to their sons. Consideration of women was secondary.



Women, when stressed by financial considerations do not produce the best children. The more stress a woman has when pregnant and after while rearing the child, the less of a child and adult she will have produced. This is not good for society.


To improve society as a whole, now that half of the children grow up in poverty and lack of opportunity, I think men must step up and take more of the burden. Parental love demands that we change our ways.


Women are clearly failing to do what is required, in terms of family and quality of offspring, --- thanks to the poor quality of men and how we are financing birth, --- and I think that men of better quality must step up and shift the financial burden away from women. This would produce unstressed births and better human beings. I see it as a manís social duty.


It would also be a rite of passage for young men who are producing all of the bastard children that we see everywhere and who are stuck in a financial doldrums that is holding us all back as a wealthy society.


Women presently hold most of the financial burden for child rearing and this is detrimental to all of society. Should we as a society do the right thing and un-stress the births in our country and thus produce better people?


We keep talking about womenís reproductive rights. I think we should be talking about menís duty in terms of reproductive rights and responsibility. Our children deserve this. 


We men have shirked their duty to society by allowing the production of less than the best possible births. We are shirking our duty to our children if we do not bear the financial burden of the best possible births/rearing. I think that if things are to improve, men will have to do the right thing and foot the bills.




What is your religionís drug of choice?


If I may remind all, alcohol is also a drug.


Religions were and are invented to feed our need for drama. They, --- like war and other such born to give conflict things, --- are created to excite us and add to our joie de vivre.


The ancients added drugs and alcohol as enhancers to the entertainment of arguing about religion and stimulating some out of the box thinking, --- to have something to laugh about, --- and argue just for the sake of finding good arguers. A shame that that trend ended but that fool Constantine decided tyranny was better than democracy. That led to the literalist Christians and Muslims. The two religions with the most literalist fools in all of the religions. Muslims being the greatest fools of all. When you become an idol worshiper, you become a fool and quite boring as all you give is your idols opinion and not your own. That, in argument terms, is quite boring. I digress.


Most do not recognize that we have a bag of drama creating things in all of our minds, but we do. Trust me on this. It is demonstrable in all humans. You do not believe any of the religious garbage you say you do. You invent it all.


It is a well-documented fact that most religious cults and other tribal units generally gather around a drug or alcohol to enhance their fellowship at gatherings, be it at the home or at the various gathering places.


As a part of this self-invented seeking after God that we do through argument, --- as entertainment, --- is the taking of various psychotropic drugs or alcohol a part of your religion?


If so, has it worked? Do you get closer to God when on your psychotropic drug, or alcohol, of choice?


I ask this especially of Muslims as you are the ones most in need of finding God.


If Mohamad PBUP were here today, he would flip out to see what Sharia has done to Islam. Please brothers, find a new drug. Your present one is making you quite backward.  





As Cannabis legalization becomes more widespread, in Canadian and the United States, will we all start to call our God, Jah.  --- Ya man.…


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DoveyBloody Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  New Deviant
You're taking to long to comment, so I'll bring the conversation to you. So tell me, have you really just overlooked all the god things that the Pope has done? Especially Francis?
Greatest-I-am Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016
I will take the god thing to be a spelling error and speak of the good things he has done.

He has mostly reversed the evil things that previous Popes have done while still denying gays their basic human rights.

He is also still protecting pedophile priests.

I have not seen him give the ok to contraceptives either and he did promote violence against verbal insults.

Do you see his good things as good enough to overshadow the evils that he does?

DoveyBloody Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  New Deviant
In a way, no.
Aposteri Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's hard to tell if this person is a troll or not.
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Sorry to tell a truth, but this is an art website, not Tumblr.
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Or Reddit
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